Families of Lake Country

This is a sponsored series.

Welcome to our Families of Lake Country Family Fun series! We will be featuring families from the greater Waukesha County area who are fans of Lake Country Family Fun. We hope you enjoy getting to know your neighbors and other families in your community!

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Our fifth family is the Majszak family from Hartland.

Families of Lake Country

A little bit about the Majszak Family:

The Majszak family, Cory and Elizabeth, along with their two boys, Cooper (4) and Parker (2) live in Hartland. They moved to Hartland in April of 2015 from Bayview. Both Cory and Elizabeth are from WI. Elizabeth is originally from Muskego, while Cory is originally from Hartland. Cory works fulltime for area hospital clinics, while Elizabeth works two days a week in Greenfield. She enjoys the quiet commutes from Greenfield to Hartland before jumping back into home life.

The Majszak’s love to play outside and be outdoors as a family. Elizabeth relays that they could not play in their yard in Bayview, because they did not have a big yard to enjoy. Now they can stay out in their own backyard as much as they want. They also enjoy going to area parks. Imagination Station in Oconomowoc is their favorite, but they also head to Nixon Park in Hartland often. They like to try out the different area parks and see what they have to offer. Cory and Elizabeth not only have a larger backyard to enjoy, but they also live on Nagawicka Lake. So, when out of town visitors come in the summer, they take them out for boat rides.

What they love about Lake Country Family Fun:

Elizabeth reports that she stalked out the website for about a year before they moved to Hartland, originally finding Lake Country Family Fun on Facebook. She also attended Hartland Kids Day in 2014 prior to the move in hopes of finding local services, and she did! They found the daycare that her boys now attend. Elizabeth also loves the upcoming weekend guide and follows Lake Country Family Fun on Facebook. She stated that it is nice to see what is out there in the community, and this site is a great resource.

Last year the Majszak family attended the Hartland Business Trick or Treating that they found through the site. They plan to make that a yearly tradition for their family.

A fun fact about the Majszak Family:

Cory Majszak is not only originally from Hartland; he grew up in the home that they are currently living in. Cory’s parents planned the house out, and his father physically built it! Elizabeth relays that living in the house her husband grew up in is actually very cool. They have done some remodeling with painting and flooring to update the home and make it their own.

Favorite Movie to watch together as a Family:

The Majszak boys are not into movies yet to watch as a family, but they have really been getting into Spookly, the Square Pumpkin. He is becoming a fast favorite of both Cooper and Parker 🙂


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